At Jordan Carriers, Inc., our number one goal is to provide customer satisfaction.

We have a dedicated accounting staff that maintains our imaging system through TRANSFLO. With TRANSFLO, trip documents are scanned at Flying J and Love’s truck stops by our fleet, and within minutes documents are received at our corporate office for immediate processing of billing and payroll.

We have highly motivated billing specialists that ensure accurate billing and receipting of accounts receivable on a daily basis. In conjunction with our software, we are able to electronically send our invoices at our customer’s discretion, either by email, fax, or USPS.

We utilize a fully integrated trucking dispatch operations management system and a complete accounting software solution designed for the transportation business. Our abilities to do more as a trucking carrier include but are not limited to: dispatch operations management, load planning, automated rating, equipment tracking, load tracking, OS&D claims, safety & CSA compliance, revenue analysis, freight billing, accounts receivable, accounts payable, general ledger, payroll, batch fuel, driver settlements, driver management, service failure analysis, fuel tax reporting through JJ Keller, direct deposit/ACH, Revenue and expense allocation, Global data search, system video training, EDI Module, ETA/out-of-route, Rapid alert Notification System, symphony mobile communications through PeopleNet, Document imaging, rendition billing, rendition settlements, electronic report management, driver recruiting and hiring, Private notification network, fuel optimization.