Our Equipment is top of the Line!

Our Equipment is top of the Line! 

October is Accident / Injury Prevention Awareness Month at Jordan Carriers. TRUCKING is our business. SAFETY is our job.

Accident Injury Prevention

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Contest: A Day in the Life

Alright Jordan Drivers it’s time to show the Facebook world the life of a Jordan Driver on the road. This will be a contest to see who can submit the best photo, video, wall post, etc. Your goal is to display what you think best depicts Trucking; this will be a behind the scenes view of your job. However to make this the best competition yet, the Winner Will Receive a Bluetooth Headset!! So start thinking of ideas and get those posts in to Facebook; it’s time to show A Day in the Life of a Driver!

Do not let Participation in this contest jeopardize the safe manner in which you do your job and operate your truck.

Blue_parrot<<<This is the Headset you could Win

Oklahoma Relief Project

On May 24th Jordan Heavy Haul coordinated with the Harley Davidson Renegade Hog Chapter and Jesse’s Welding to take part in a disaster relief effort for the victims of the 2013 Oklahoma Tornado disaster. A convoy of police cruisers, motorcycles, and two trailers hauling 40,000 lbs. of supplies made the long distance travel in order to aid those devastated by the series of tornadoes that hit the Oklahoma area.  The supplies included water, food, clothing, diapers, trash bags, and more.  These efforts were heartfelt and given through the great volunteer work of many Natchez and Alexandria citizens.  This milestone was a very special one to Jordan Carriers as it was one of the first major relief efforts we have been able to aid. Attached is an album of photos from the loading of the trucks, and link to the YouTube video of the convoy. We give a special thanks to all of those who participated and volunteered their time to help the families in Oklahoma, and continue to send our thoughts to all of those affected by the storm.Relief Aid Relief Aid Relief Aid Relief Aid

2013 Cafe Forms are ready.

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Congratulations to Thomas Ballard

-Congratulations to Thomas Ballard for receiving January Driver of the Month.  Thomas receives this award based on an incredible safety record for the month of January.  Thomas had zero speed gauge violations, zero log violations, two good DOT inspections for the month and was also a good performer for Jordan Carriers.  Maintenance was also contacted for input in the decision of Driver of the Month. Thomas was given a green light by maintenance. 

 Upon notification for receiving the reward, Thomas gave all praise to Jordan Carriers. He stated that he tried to always have a good attitude about his work and that Jordan Carriers made that easy by providing him and all the drivers with the best equipment and support.  

Welcome to Jordan Carriers.