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Experienced service offerings for the latest wind turbine equipment.

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Blade and Turbine Transport Services

Transportation for the Wind Energy industry is challenging. Every load requires escorts, permits, and detailed planning. Jordan Carriers has years of experience with wind transportation logistics. We are able to handle large scale projects and focus on providing best in class specialized services through our experienced team.

Wind Turbine Transportation Details

Jordan uses top of the line equipment to transport the three crucial parts of wind turbines:


Wind blades are transported on Trail King, XL, and K-Line Blade Trailers.


Wind hubs are transported on XL Double Drop Trailers.


Machine Heads / Nacelles are transported on XL 13 Axle Trailers.

The Jordan Carriers Difference

Jordan Carriers is one of the only carriers in the wind industry operating with company owned assets. With Jordan Wind, you can rely on us to do a job well done with every project we handle.

Jordan Carriers is a member of the American Wind Energy Association.

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To learn more about our Wind services, please contact Mark Dryden, Wind Division Director of Operations, at (318) 715-3680 or at